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Tour program:
KTW winery, the village of Badiauri, tasting cheese and bread, views of the Alazani Valley, the city of Sighnaghi.

The duration of the tour is 7-8 hours. Remoteness – 100 km from Tbilisi.

Kakheti attracts both with its species and famous winemaking, and winemaking in Georgia is 8000 years old, and even the French officially recognized that Georgia is the cradle of this drink. Therefore, choosing this tour, you can plunge into the atmosphere of vineyards, the Alazani Valley and the romantic City of Signagi love.

At your appointed time, we will pick you up instead of your stay in a comfortable car with air conditioning and head towards Kakheti. We will be leaving the eastern exit from the city, passing near the Tbilisi International Airport, we can stop for 10 minutes and order morning coffee if you did not have time to drink it in the morning, or stock up on a bottle of Borjomi and go on our tour.

We will need 40-50 minutes from the center of Tbilisi to the first stopping point, and we will go to the Kakhetian Tradishion Winerymark Kakheti winery with a tasting of five wines and a great brandy in Patardzeuli. On the way, we will tell you about the eastern part of Tbilisi, which we will pass through, we will touch on various regions of Georgia adjacent to the Kakheti region of the country, and, of course, the specifics of winemaking.

Arriving at the winery, we will connect with other guests and, together with a local guide, we will go to the life-giving soul and heart with 24-ton wine tanks. Inside you will be handed out plastic cups for tasting and the bottling of wine chilled to -2 ° C will begin directly from the tanks. After 30 minutes, you can buy in the store for the variety of wines you are interested in at the factory price. At that time, we will be 39 km from the center of Tbilisi.

Later, in high spirits, the vineyards of Manavi, Sagareggio and Ninotsminda will open to your eyes. After 30 minutes, having arrived in the village of Badiauri, which is famous for its cheese and Georgian bread, you can taste Georgian cheese and see the process of making bread. (At will, we can order for you a rustic salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with real Kakheti unfiltered oil, wine, tkemali and barbecue for a fee.)

Our path continues along the route of St. Nino, who converted to Christianity and the east of the country in the 4th century. After 30 minutes of travel, information about various historical and religious figures associated with Kakheti, we stop for a photo pause with fascinating views of the Alazani Valley, the city of Sighnaghi and part of the Caucasus Range. After driving 2 km, we will spend 40 minutes in the existing Bodbe nunnery, where the burial of St. Nino, where you will have the opportunity to enter the church, enjoy the views of the Alazani Valley and just wander around the peaceful place on the edge of the earth.

Fans of extreme sports can ride on a zip line or paraglide with an instructor at the entrance to the city of Sighnaghi.

Our walk around the Signagi Love City, viewing platforms, St. George’s Church, optionally a trip to the museum, the courtyard of the Kakheti peasant with a winery and the wall of the Signagi Fortress will take about 40 minutes. Well, after that you can take a walk and dine at several Georgian and European restaurants recommended by us.

We are returning to Tbilisi on the same road, which will take 1 hour 40 minutes, during which we will listen to colorful, incendiary Georgian music and receive various information about Georgia.

End of excursion at your place of residence.

Tour cost: 25$ per person.
Group size: from 4 people.
Tour Duration: 1 day (7 – 8 hours).

Call: +995 598 114 451
Write: WhatsApp

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  • Transfer by car from Tbilisi and back.
  • Guide services.
  • A bottle of water per person (0.5 liters).
  • Nutrition.

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